Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest

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After receiving close to 100 entries, the submitted scripts passed through two rounds of judging to arrive at the final five winners. Read press release

Hollywood, Health & Society’s first Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest announced the selection of five finalists and their TV scripts that all envision a peaceful future world society—one that is sustainable, equitable, and where A.I.-driven technology is used to benefit humanity. 

The writers and their projects were announced at the Sentinel Awards last year in October. The selected scripts include a half-hour dramedy, an action-adventure, a young adult drama, a 'solar punk' story, and a political thriller. The creative group of finalists bring diverse writing experiences to this project: web series, pilots for Fox and Amazon Studios, short films, playwriting, journalism, speechwriting, a green fiction website, the Warner Bros. TV Writers Workshop, the Stowe Story Labs for emerging screenwriters as well as scientific consulting, a former first responder, a cartoonist and a podcaster.

The winning projects are:

  • A Bright World According to Beto (episode “The Start of It All” ) by Gabriele Almon
  • Ancestral Dreaming (episode “Eden Dreams”) by Marcella Guerriero
  • Inflection Points (episode “Confront Nature") by Peter Andrews
  • Merryville (episode: “Love and Light”) by Oriana Schwindt
  • The Things We Harvest (pilot episode) by Nathan Patton

Read press release

After receiving close to 100 entries, the submitted scripts passed through two rounds of judging. Entries were first reviewed by television writer/producers for the quality of writing that met all the criteria, reflecting themes of racial equity, climate change mitigation or adaptation, advancements toward peace, and incorporating the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (A.I.). The second round of evaluations were scored by experts on these topics.

In addition to the cash award of $7,500 for each finalist, they will also receive mentorships and expert consultations for script revisions. One grand prize of $20,000 will be awarded in early 2023 after another judging process. The contest is in partnership with the Future of Life Institute and the Writers Guild of America East.

This contest was sponsored in part by the. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation