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madam secretary climate change storyline

Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) in "Madam Secretary" confronts a plan to drill for oil in a biodiverse area of the Amazon.

The biggest story of our time requires accurate, in-depth and up-to-date information from the best experts in their fields, and Hollywood, Health & Society's list is extensive. Not only does it include some of the top scientists and researchers in education, government and health care, but also environmentalists and activists—many working on the front lines in at-risk communities—who are planning a more sustainable future. 


Let us connect you with topic experts on issues from oceans to energy. Get questions answered about cutting-edge innovations by an extensive selection of experts and scientists including:

  • CDC, Division of Environmental Health 
  • NIEH (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
  • U.S. State Department 
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Army Command and General Staff College at Leavenworth
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography 

Recently, for a storyline in an episode of the CBS hit Madam Secretary, Hollywood, Health & Society connected the show's creative staff with a NASA climatologist to discuss oil exploration and deforestation in the Ecuador Amazon. The climate change initiative has also facilitated inquiries with television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Elementary (CBS), Curious George (PBS), Miles from Tomorrowland (Disney Junior), The 100 (CW) and Channel One, as well as for filmmakers. 


A range of experts, from climatologists to epidemiologists, are brought to writers rooms to discuss their work, experience and knowledge, offering the latest climate change studies and stories with an insider's edge for crafting realistic, compelling drama. 

  • A Department of Defense representative recently discussed a range of environmental dangers including bioterrorism with writers, answering in-depth questions for accurate and detailed data for upcoming episodes.   

Customized Site Visits

Informative hands-on sessions in the field. Writing teams experience in-depth, personalized visits related to climate change issues ranging from plastic waste in oceans to solar energy.

  • A creative team from 44 Blue Productions (Nightwatch, Walburgers, Rock & a Hard Place) were given a look at Caltech’s latest innovative research.

In addition, past Storybus Tour trips included:

Transmedia Outreach

Our resources are also available to those producing content for new media, from online webisodes to video gaming and social media. Capture audiences across a range of platforms from your website to social media pages with links and expert blogs.

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