Climate Emergency Resources

homes damaged in superstorm sandy

Extreme weather events pose a growing threat to populated areas along shore. Explore highlights or the full report on the National Climate Assessment.

Hollywood, Health & Society assists with research, providing a range of information from experts for storylines on topics that include rising oceans caused by melting glaciers, the increase of extreme weather, and the spread of infectious diseases. Below are links to the latest materials and reports on climate change, and HHS' work on the topic. Visit our Climate Emergency page for more information.



Panels/Screenings/Research Trips

  • "Racing Extinction"—If climate change goes unchecked, humanity won't go out with a bang but more likely with a whimper.
  • What's So Funny About Climate Change?—If global warming is such serious business, why do TV comedians get it right, covering the issue better—and more often—than films, dramatic series and even the nightly news?
  • "Extreme Realities" Screening and Panel—Global warming’s connection with national security “is a mission reality, not a political debate.”
  • "Inuk" Screening and Panel—As it turns out, Southern California and the Arctic have a lot more in common than you might think.
  • NASA/JPL in 3-D—We took more than 35 film and TV writers and producers on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the sprawling campus to learn about climate change and mitigation efforts from the scientists and engineers working on the front lines to address the crisis.
  • The Lost World—Hollywood, Health & Society led a select group of writers on a “Jurassic Park”-style tour of remote Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Santa Barbara to learn about the effects of climate change, wildlife restoration efforts and how to live in a sustainable, off-the-grid environment.
  • Close Encounters at NASA/JPL—At the space-age-looking entry gate was a sign next to the familiar NASA logo that read “Welcome to Our Universe.” The writers and producers entering the JPL complex were on a mission to learn about climate change from some of the world’s top scientists and engineers.
  • "Chasing Ice"—Photographer James Balog’s hauntingly powerful 2012 documentary about Earth’s disappearing glaciers

Sentinel Awards Winners/Finalists

Other Projects

  • Angry Birds Champions for Earth Tournament—Hollywood, Health & Society provided climate-related facts and helped line up celebrity spokespeople for the Angry Birds Champions for Earth tournament. Danny DeVito, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle were among the actors who had Angry Birds avatars created in their likeness.
  • Watch: "2036"—HH&S interviewed students ages 7-12 at schools and other venues about global warming, capturing their often funny and insightful thoughts on hopes for the planet's future.

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