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Climate Change Resources

For more than a decade HH&S has provided the entertainment industry with access to top health experts to increase the quality and quantity of health storylines in TV, film and new media—reaching millions of people worldwide. That effort includes the vital topic of climate change, with funders that have included the Grantham Foundation, ClimateWorks Foundation, the Skoll Global Threats Fund and an anonymous donor. As part of our services we offer the following:

• Real stories about real people and places—unusual, compelling and dramatic.
• Tools for writers to accurately depict climate change: in-depth information from field scientists
(including NASA JPL experts), at-risk communities learning to adapt, and innovators and young activists working to engineer a more sustainable future.
• Expert briefings on the growing health threat from infectious diseases and extreme weather.
• Customized research trips to sites, special screenings of climate change-related films, and experts available for briefings in writers rooms.

For a small sample of stories about how climate change is affecting real people and places, click here.

Our Services

The Big Picture: Exclusive screening events with climate change-related films, and insightful Q&A sessions with their writers and producers.
Storybus Tours: Inspiring and informative trips—connecting writers and producers with local storytellers to give them an edge when it comes to crafting realistic, compelling drama.
Customized Site Visits: Teams of writers can experience in-depth, personalized tours on specific climate change issues.
Writer Briefings: The latest climate change studies and stories, brought to writers’ rooms by a range of experts who discuss their work. 
Tip Sheets: Accessible and immediate, covering a wide range of topics.
Real to Reel Newsletter: Jump-start the creative process with our digital, quarterly newsletter, a lively mix of headlines and news reports relating to climate change. 
Transmedia Outreach: Our resources are also available to those producing content for new media, from online webisodes to video gaming and social media. Capture audiences across a range of platforms.
Best of the Best: Exemplary storylines are honored each year by us in our Sentinel for Health Awards, judged by the experts from the fields of health and climate science.

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