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Research & Evaluation

Impact of Health Storylines

We partner with colleagues to evaluate the impact of health storylines on viewers. We do this through national mail surveys, online viewer surveys and chat rooms. When health storylines air, we also... read more »

TV Monitoring Project

Since 2003 USC faculty and graduate students have analyzed health content in the most popular TV shows based on Nielsen ratings for general, African-American and Hispanic audiences. The project... read more »

Porter Novelli HealthStyles/ConsumerStyles TV Viewing Habits and Effects

Since 2001, HH&S has collaborated with the CDC to analyze national data on TV viewing habits and the impact of health storylines on audiences. Data is collected... read more » Publications Articles Murphy S., Frank, L., Moran, M., & Woodley, P. (2011). "Transported or emotional? exploring the determinants of change in knowledge, attitudes and behavior in entertainment... read more »