High blood pressure disproportionately hits African Americans and other populations of society in which poverty and other social ills are rampant. Photo: Andrew Cribb / iStock

The Summer 2016 Real to Reel newsletter spotlights stories that include why many abortion clinics close their doors; the remnants of a long-abandoned Army base in Greenland slowly being revealed by melting ice; and a 90-year-old man building a cathedral by hand near Madrid almost entirely by himself.

Police in Austin, Indiana look over biohazard container for disposal of syringes during HIV training session. Photo: AP/News and Tribune, Christopher Fryer

The Spring 2016 Real to Reel newsletter features stories about the arrival of the Zika virus in the U.S.; a student who led efforts to stop construction of an incinerator in her already polluted community; a town’s struggle with a drug and HIV epidemic; and a motley group of retired criminals who pulled off one last daring heist.


Astronaut Piers Sellers space walks in 2006.

The Winter 2016 Real to Reel newsletter spotlights stories about border-born babies and the economic struggle of older Americans to survive. Also featured: a former astronaut faces his own mortality; Barbra Streisand on women and heart disease; and the clash of generations in Miami’s gay community.

The social and economic conditions of the poor can can affect health—increasing depression, obesity and even shortening lifespans, research shows. Image: iStock

The Fall 2015 Real to Reel newsletter spotlights stories about poverty and its impact on health, Exxon's own revealing climate research, baby boomers remaking retirement, children born with HIV, and Texas women ending pregnancies on their own.

The South Korean horror movie "The Host" depicts a society’s crisis in confidence over a mysterious monster, and mirrors in some way the recent outbreak of the MERS virus.

Our Real to Squeal! newsletter features chilling stories about a horror film, "The Host," and how it reflected this year's MERS outbreak in South Korea; melting glaciers giving up their dead; and a street drug with often zombie-like effects.

Global demand for palm oil, a mainstay of processed food, endangers rainforests, which act as natural greenhouse gas-absorbing "carbon sinks." Illustration:

Our Spring 2015 Real to Reel newsletter features great stories about rainforest preservation, a last-resort ER entering the age of Obamacare, and a lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba.

Salmonella is a leading cause of food-related medical problems. Illustration:

The Winter 2015 newsletter offers compelling stories about Tijuana clinics that offer false hope to cancer sufferers, the widespread threat of food carrying deadly pathogens, and a Virginia town where most of the poor residents have been cut off from medical care.