Salmonella is a leading cause of food-related medical problems. Illustration:

The Winter 2015 newsletter offers compelling stories about Tijuana clinics that offer false hope to cancer sufferers, the widespread threat of food carrying deadly pathogens, and a Virginia town where most of the poor residents have been cut off from medical care.

A quarter of Mississippi's population lacks health-care coverage.

The Fall 2014 Real to Reel spotlights stories about capturing the power of a star inside a bottle, a sidekick named Siri for an autistic boy, and young men who took on the grim burial tasks during the Ebola crisis.

Texas rancher Clay Igo

The Summer 2014 issue includes stories about a family’s poignant efforts to connect with a son who has autism, the “gay health warrior” of New York City, and how one California pistachio farmer struggles to keep his trees alive amid the drought and water rationing.

Deon Haywood runs Women With a Vision, which does HIV-prevention work.

The Spring 2014 lineup of stories include how the U.S. is looking toward the Netherlands for lessons in controlling sea levels, a heroin trail of grief, a small-town cancer puzzle, HIV’s grip on the Deep South, and one doctor’s no-frills street medicine.

The CDC studied camp's tap water with increased risk of birth defects.

The Winter 2014 edition spotlights stories about a one-woman crusade against environmental hazards along Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley,” a Native American reservation rooted in suicide, alcoholism and despair, and birth defects at a Marine base.