Unboxing AGI

There is an arms-race among researchers working toward making AI that is as good as the best human experts at nearly all cognitive tasks, including planning, high-level problem solving, and effectively pursuing goals. But there are risks.

HH&S Newsletter (Spring 2023)

The Spring 2023 newsletter spotlighted the real-life inspiration behind Lois Lane’s breast cancer journey in season three of The CW's Superman & Lois; our special USC screening and panel discussion for an episode of Extrapolations, the Apple TV+ series is about the changing climate; another online panel on changing the cultural narrative around death and dying; and much more.

Do the Write Thing Mixer: Where Community and Creativity Meet

USC Annenberg's Hollywood, Health & Society made a splash with their recent mixer kickoff event titled Do the Write Thing, where creatives and community came together to celebrate voices that don’t get heard enough in Hollywood, specifically people of color and Indigenous groups.

The gathering, held May 10 at the Aster hotel and social club in Hollywood, featured conversation, catching up among friends, and some good old-fashioned networking among the guests.

Featured speakers during an informal panel were:

Death Doulas

Death doulas provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and logistical support to both the dying person and their loved ones before, during and after death. They’re often an integrated part of hospice teams, providing a vital role in alleviating what medicine alone cannot.