HH&S Newsletter (Winter 2023)

Our Winter 2023 newsletter spotlights five Hollywood veterans who say entertainment needs more stories about the vibrant lives of older adults; changing the narratives about breast cancer in young women; Anderson Cooper exploring death and grief; scoring your favorite entertainment when it comes to depicting plastic pollution; and the language of the future.

The Begley-Cohen Test

Plastic is an epidemic. Film and TV have the power to model a path towards a plastic-free future. Plastic Pollution Coalition has created a simple test for on-screen entertainment: The Begley-Cohen Test

Diplomacy Over War

In both our lives and our stories, war has become too easy. It’s ubiquitous on our news, in our foreign policy, and on our TV shows. But diplomacy makes for great drama, and by showing audiences alternative solutions in the stories we write, we can flip the script, help broaden the discourse and break the cycle of endless war.