Beyond Bars: Changing the Narrative on Criminal Justice

What threw the topic of over-incarceration in the U.S. into sharp relief wasn't so much the bleak laundry list of statistics that underscored the fact that we lock up more people than the rest of the world—and for longer periods of time. Instead, it was a simple question directed at the audience just prior to the start of the panel discussion "Beyond Bars: Changing the Narrative on Criminal Justice."

"How many of you in this room know someone, someone close to you, who has been in jail or prison?" asked Kate Folb, director of Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S).

HH&S Newsletter (Winter 2020)

The Winter 2020 issue of the newsletter spotlights the premiere of "Getting Bombed," a YouTube series that delivers a tipsy take each week on sobering nuclear and security topics; a sneak peek at our upcoming panel discussion on the criminal justice system; a look at what the landmark Roe v. Wade decision is really all about; and so much more.

NamQuyên (Q) Lê

NamQuyên (Q) Lê, MPH is an emerging filmmaker and public health practitioner based in Southern California. In her role as the transmedia specialist at Hollywood, Health & Society, she merges digital/social media with public health, film theory, and multifaceted communications methods to help bridge gaps between Hollywood film/television writers and STEM (science, technology, engineering & medical) experts.

Leka Gopal

Leka Gopal is a recent grad from the University of California Berkeley. She joined HH&S after working with Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the Office of National Security at the State Department, and writing for various publications.