Racing Extinction

The message to take away from "Racing Extinction," the new film from Oscar-winning director Louis Psihoyos ("The Cove"), is this: If climate change goes unchecked, humanity won’t go out with a bang but more likely with a whimper.

Zach Gonzalez-Landis

Zach Gonzalez-Landis joins HH&S from NBC where he worked as a content writer in the digital marketing department and helped develop and maintain online content for well over a dozen NBC series and specials. His handiwork included language and concepts for branded apps, weekly blogs, recaps, social media campaigns, video mashups, and interactive digital experiences. Prior to NBC, Zach lived in Chicago where he worked in nonprofit marketing at the Steppenwolf Theatre and the Art Institute of Chicago while he wrote and performed sketch comedy and improv.

Highlights: Hollywood and Dine

We know from research that stories can have a significant impact on what people know, feel and do. For better and worse, food’s pervasive depictions in entertainment like movies, television and music can be models for behavior and beliefs. How do these images of food affect us? What if storytellers chose to use their power to inspire audiences to make healthy food choices?