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For Writers


Hollywood, Health & Society provides you with the information you need when you need it. We’ll find quick health facts, share case examples and introduce you to experts and real people who can share their stories. We’ve assisted writers with major storylines on topics such as skin cancer, breast cancer, hepatitis, heart disease, toxic exposure, antibiotic resistance, sexual violence, organ transplants, SARS and smallpox.

Common Questions That Writers Ask

  • What type of life-threatening disease could a character have if she is an African-American professional woman in her mid-40s? If it is cancer, what type would it be and what are the first symptoms?
  • What would a psychiatrist say to a high school student who threatens to kill himself or someone else? Is he required by law to tell the teen’s parents and the police?
  • What steps would the CDC take if a dangerous virus was released in a big city like L.A.? What could the virus be? When would they notify people that there is a problem?
  • If a patient has advanced-stage colon cancer and has not responded to standard treatment, what would she have to do to get experimental treatment? What would that treatment be?
  • What are the rules about kids carrying asthma medication in school? What would happen if they shared it with another student?
  • If someone thinks eating vegetables and fruits could help prevent cancer, how much does he have to eat? Which vegetables and fruits are best?
  • What are the biggest health threats in the Congo? How is health care set up and delivered in a bush setting? What is done for patients with AIDS?

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