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The social and economic conditions of the poor can can affect health—increasing depression, obesity and even shortening lifespans, research shows. Image: iStock

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The Fall 2015 Real to Reel newsletter spotlights stories about poverty and its impact on health, Exxon's own revealing climate research, baby boomers remaking retirement, children born with HIV, and Texas women ending pregnancies on their own.

telling life stories panel

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Our panel event featuring writers and producers, “Telling LIfe Stories: Crisis and Care at the Beginning, Middle and End,” drew a full house to the WGAW to explore the issues of TV's portrayals of older adults, aging and health care.

Morelia film festival

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HH&S, together with the World Bank, presented a series of activities at the 13th annual Morelia Film Festival on effective storytelling to advance public health and pro-social topics.

Feb 12 Every 80 seconds, a woman dies of . https://t.co/uP7dhQliPn
Feb 12 Nationwide physician shortfall complicated by lack of residencies, preferance for urban hospitals & testing acumen https://t.co/9Ls8zlzOV5
Feb 11 & take centerstage in short docs https://t.co/496k4loSyf https://t.co/8Ji7DMuaux
Feb 11 RT : An buddy can help keep you motivated! Aim for 150+ mins of per week. https://t.co/euqKzvhYWX

Hollywood and Dine

at Expo Milano 2015

Watch the highlights from “Hollywood and Dine: The Image and Impact of Food in Entertainment,” the multimedia event that included new Lear Center and Hollywood, Health & Society research previewed at Expo Milano 2015.


They put me in touch with some of the foremost authorities in the country the very next day. The help they provided was nothing short of imperative to my writing process. They are a tremendous resource.

— An executive producer for NCIS (CBS)