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Must Watch
Mandy Moore on Older Adults

The co-star of NBC's This Is Us explains how her show is changing the way older adults are depicted on TV. #RethinkAging

What We're Reading
Breast Cancer Survivors

Actor Angela Trimbur helps breast cancer survivors connect during the pandemic. It's a "really crucial outlet for all of us," she said. 

Covid-19 Messaging

TV can use messaging guidelines to create content to help slow the virus' spread and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Court Reinstates Limits

The Supreme Court reinstated an FDA requirement that women seeking medication abortions pick up a pill in person.

Race and Health
Fixing a Big Problem

Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, head of Joe Biden’s Covid-19 health equity task force, says vast racial gaps are structural and can be fixed.

What We're Watching
'Getting Bombed'

On Getting Bombed, Chris Reinacher chats up some thirsty nuclear arms experts about the existential threats that keep them up at night.

Addiction & Recovery
Breaking the Stigma

HH&S brought together experts to discuss how Hollywood can help change the narrative around addiction and mental health. 

Maternal Health
Racism & Childbirth

Our panel explored why black women are three to four times more likely to die after giving birth than white women.

I really believe we're in a watershed moment as storytellers, and I'm incredibly grateful to Hollywood, Health & Society for being part of the vanguard [to help us].


writer, Madam Secretary


Understanding HIV

We co-produced this short animated video with the help of Life Noggin studios to explain what HIV is and how it’s transmitted.