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Salmonella is a leading cause of food-related medical problems. Illustration: iStock.com

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Our latest Real to Reel newsletter offers compelling stories about the effort to keep deadly pathogens out of our food, tobacco’s grip on China and a doctor’s ship that’s a safe harbor for women.

jason katims and marty kaplan at 2014 sentinel awards

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NBC’s "Parenthood" won first place in the Drama category in the 2014 Sentinel Awards for its story about Hank, played by Ray Romano, who learns he may have Asperger's Syndrome.

jennifer cecil leads storytelling workshop

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Hollywood, Health & Society brought its message of the power of entertainment to one of the most important global health battles, leading an international group of writers and producers to participate in a storytelling workshop and panel discussion at the 2014 World Cancer Congress in Melbourne, Australia.

Mar 27 For @UConn women, Twitter is off limits until basketball season ends. http://t.co/u64RyZXTiQ
Mar 27 Nine myths about #sexualassault. http://t.co/FQJqo4ANqe
Mar 27 #Climatechange will spread diseases you haven’t even heard of yet. http://t.co/EHQctEbicX
Mar 27 Lawsuit against #SeaWorld over #orca treatment cites @blackfishmovie documentary. http://t.co/WRCzOoY7HH #Blackfish



2014 Sentinel Awards:
One Magical Night

The 15th annual Sentinel Awards had it all—honored TV shows and movies that exemplify the best in storytelling, some stellar guests and a NASA astronaut who had a dream.


They put me in touch with some of the foremost authorities in the country the very next day. The help they provided was nothing short of imperative to my writing process. They are a tremendous resource.

— An executive producer for NCIS (CBS)