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Breaking the Stigma

HH&S brought together experts to discuss how Hollywood can help change the narrative around addiction and mental health. 

Better With Age

Check out The TV Campfire podcast from a panel at the ATX TV Festival, moderated by HH&S' very own director, Kate Folb.

HH&S helps us tell the right stories in the right way. We’re so fortunate and grateful to have [them] as our partners.

Bill Harper

executive producer

Grey's Anatomy

Atomic Storytelling

TV writers and producers guided a dozen participants through a two-day storytelling workshop on writing the nuclear narrative.

Aging in L.A.
'I Have Nowhere to Go'

Seniors are highly vulnerable to rising rents and evictions, and the loss of home and community can take a mental and physical toll.

Maternal Health
Racism & Childbirth

Our panel explored why black women are three to four times more likely to die after giving birth than white women.

Understanding HIV

We co-produced this short animated video with the help of Life Noggin studios to explain what HIV is and how it’s transmitted.

Reproductive Rights
A Brighter Future

“Handmaid’s Tale” writer/producer Dorothy Fortenberry explains why we should also tell hopeful stories about reproductive rights.