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Screening & Panel
'Madam Secretary'

Season finale. Nuclear showdown. We heard from the show's writer-producers on creating the story, and the experts on real-life risks.

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Hollywood Disability Toolkit

How to be more inclusive of minorities—including the one-in-five Americans with a disability. (Micah Fowler of ABC's Speechless).

HH&S helps us tell the right stories in the right way. We’re so fortunate and grateful to have [them] as our partners.

Bill Harper

executive producer

Grey's Anatomy

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In Our Latest Newsletter

HIV prevention on campuses; older adults join the cannabis craze; and is it progress when films feature characters with disabilities?

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Pregnant Pause

“The most fertile man on TV”: Actor-filmmaker Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin) talks about the joy of home birth, and TV pregnancies.