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For about $200 a month, a human-powered avatar could help watch over a homebound person 24 hours a day. The company, CareCoach, is based in Northern California.

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The Winter 2018 newsletter spotlights stories about technology helping to care for aging parents; rheumatoid arthritis, which affects over 1.4 million people in the U.S.; abortion doulas who offer comfort to women at a complicated time; and a potential new weapon in the fight to eradicate HIV.

Dr. Zoanne Clack, Norman Lear and Rita Moreno during panel discussion

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TV producer Norman Lear and Academy Award winner Rita Moreno were among the featured guest speakers for a panel discussion about the portrayals of older women in entertainment, at the Writers Guild of America, West.

panelists at friday the 13th event at the writers guild of america east

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Hollywood, Health & Society's panel discussion "Friday the 13th: Rewriting the Nuclear Horror Story" brought urgent attention to a topic that not too long ago was seen by many as a relic of the Cold War and a distant threat. 

Apr 24 This article describes just how unprepared we are for a in space. "There’s no clear-cut path for count… https://t.co/0NcEEeeemC
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Nuclear Arms Expert Jeffrey Lewis

on the Media and North Korea

At our panel at the WGAE in New York, "Friday the 13th: Rewriting the Nuclear Horror Story," Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey explains why news coverage of North Korea comes up short.


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— BILL HARPER, executive producer, "Grey's Anatomy"