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The South Korean horror movie "The Host" depicts a society’s crisis in confidence over a mysterious monster, and mirrors in some way the recent outbreak of the MERS virus.

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Our Real to Squeal! newsletter—Halloween comes early—features chilling stories about a horror film, "The Host," and how it reflects the recent MERS outbreak in South Korea; melting glaciers giving up their dead; and a street drug with often zombie-like effects.

panel at hollywood and dine event

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Expo Milano 2015 was the scene of a multimedia event by the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center titled "Hollywood and Dine: The Image and Impact of Food in Entertainment."

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The message to take away from "Racing Extinction," the new film from Oscar-winning director Louis Psihoyos ("The Cove"), is this: If climate change goes unchecked, humanity won’t go out with a bang but more likely with a whimper.

Oct 2 Here's the skinny: Millennials are 10% heavier than people in the 80s, even with same diet & exercise plan http://t.co/V3Xd5MsSD0
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Oct 1 RT @ArmineKourouyan: Congrats to the 2015 #SentinelAwards winners! #TV shows that make a difference! Read full PR here. @HollywdHealth http…

Hollywood and Dine

at Expo Milano 2015

Watch “Hollywood and Dine: The Image and Impact of Food in Entertainment,” the multimedia event that included new research previewed at Expo Milano 2015.


They put me in touch with some of the foremost authorities in the country the very next day. The help they provided was nothing short of imperative to my writing process. They are a tremendous resource.

— An executive producer for NCIS (CBS)