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Astronaut Piers Sellers space walks in 2006.

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The Winter 2016 Real to Reel newsletter spotlights stories about border-born babies and the economic struggle of older Americans to survive. Also featured: a former astronaut faces his own mortality; Barbra Streisand on women and heart disease; and the clash of generations in Miami’s gay community.

2016 sentinel awards

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Writers and producers: HH&S announces a call for entries for the 2016 Sentinel Awards for top TV stories on health and climate change. Submit your shows now before you go on hiatus!

Morelia film festival panel

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HH&S, together with the World Bank, presented a series of activities at the 13th annual Morelia Film Festival on effective storytelling to advance public health and pro-social topics.

Apr 29 . reports on struggle of Muslim artists to connect with American audiences https://t.co/sWIAT0YXUE
Apr 29 As a growing population ages, could robots provide medical support and companionship? https://t.co/qZmy6BNBX0
Apr 29 "Shared decision-making" tools help patients make tough choices in the ER https://t.co/9KzzDXU27J https://t.co/NAWnYRAVov
Apr 29 Blue-collar worries and hopes fade along with TV's dwindling middle class. https://t.co/T6mpfBHLIW https://t.co/Q1Y3DQjc0l

'Telling Life Stories'

Panel at the WGAW

Watch the highlights from “Telling Life Stories,” our full-house panel at the WGAW where writers and producers from network, cable and streaming TV shows tried to answer this question: Isn't getting old sexy enough for primetime?


What strikes me about the experts you folks bring to the table is not just that they're knowledgeable, but they're really enthusiastic and have terrific ideas. These calls always make the scripts so much better.