Going Nuclear

Since 2015, Hollywood, Health & Society has been part of the N Square network of innovators committed to raising awareness of the nuclear threat. This page is dedicated to the media work that HH&S and our fellow cohort members have done. With the last U.S. administration, many of the guardrails that were meant to keep us secure—the framework of international nuclear agreements achieved through diplomacy—were largely weakened.

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Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the existential threat of nuclear war increased (see Doomsday Clock below).

However, since President Biden took office he has reversed security policies of the previous White House by reinstating the United States’ commitment to NATO; restarting negotiations with Iran to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; extending the New START agreement (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) to 2026; and signing a joint statement with leaders of nuclear weapons states—the U.K., France, China, and Russia—affirming that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. Below are some of the discussions, workshops, videos and articles designed to raise the visibility of issues surrounding nuclear threats and security, and hopefully help build a safer world.

The Nuclear Narrative

Atomic Storytelling (Session 1)

 “Atomic Storytelling: Writing the Nuclear Narrative,” led by TV writer and producer Jennifer Cecil, starts here with Session 1.

The Nuclear Narrative

Atomic Storytelling (Session 2)

 “Atomic Storytelling: Writing the Nuclear Narrative,” led by TV writer and producer Jennifer Cecil, continues here with Session 2.

The Nuclear Narrative

Atomic Storytelling (Session 3)

 “Atomic Storytelling: Writing the Nuclear Narrative,” led by TV writer and producer Jennifer Cecil, concludes with Session 3.


The Hiroshima Cover-Up

Author Lesley Blume and journalist Eric Schlosser discussed her new book “Fallout” and the true story of the Hiroshima bombing.

N Square

Threat Reduction: A Timeline

N Square research is focusing on how threat experts view innovative advances that keep nuclear weapons in check.

Storytelling Event

The Countdown

Our storytelling event featured experts from the world of nuclear threats and security, who shared personal accounts from their lives.


The Innovators

This dynamic group—from diplomats to game designers—are tackling nuclear challenges together in new ways.


National Security

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman discusses the pandemic’s effect on national and nuclear security issues.

What We’re Watching

‘Getting Bombed’

On Getting Bombed, Chris Reinacher talks with some thirsty nuclear arms experts about the existential threats that keep them up at night.


Atomic Storytelling 2.0

We asked some top TV writers and producers to teach nuclear experts how to communicate their messages more effectively.

A Nuclear Alarm

Doomsday Clock

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set its Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight, noting this time of “unprecedented danger.”

Sentinel Awards

‘Chernobyl’ Wins

Creator and executive producer-writer Craig Mazin accepted the 2019 Sentinel Award for his HBO series Chernobyl.


Forging New Paths

“New Momentum for Saner Nuclear Policy” mixed experts, policy-makers and activists with Hollywood actors, writers and producers.


‘Madam Secretary’

HH&S connected experts with the creative team of the CBS series Madam Secretary, often on topics related to nuclear security.


Friday the 13th

There were frightening scenarios during “Rewriting the Nuclear Horror Story,” but also a call for new ideas to deal with the threat.


Atomic Football

An exploration of the nuclear playbook was a night to think about the unthinkable: Just how secure are our arsenals of mass destruction?

Must See

The Atomic Photographers Guild

Explore the powerful images at The Atomic Photographers Guild, an international group dedicated to documenting the history and impact of the nuclear age. Works include prints by the world’s first two atomic photographers, Berlyn Brixner of Los Alamos and Yoshito Matsushige of Hiroshima. 

What We’re Listening To

Press the Button

Defense experts Tom Collina and Michelle Dover of Ploughshares Fund co-host this engaging conversation on nuclear policy.


White-Knuckle Entertainment

From Fail Safe to Madam Secretary, film and TV have allowed viewers, from the vantage of a comfortable seat, to imagine the worst.


Nuclear Scenarios

Is the U.S. under attack? In the Nuclear Decisions game, users are tasked with evaluating potential missile launches.

Ground Zero

NukeMap Simulator

Science historian Alex Wellerstein created NukeMap, a nuclear weapons detonation simulator that gives users an idea of the horrifying power of these explosions in measuring fallout and casualties. Other visualizations are at his Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog.

Must Read

Chernobyl at Risk

Ukraine officials fear another catastrophe at the stricken Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and at a second site, Rivne, in Varash.