We have a track record of pairing writers with experts so they can produce award winning shows that make a difference.

We’ve Consulted on the Biggest Shows

George Lopez
A Million Little Things
Breaking Bad
Boston Legal
The Good Doctor
Black Box
Bel Air
Body of Proof
How to Get Away with Murder
Grey’s Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
All My Children
Bates Motel
Brothers and Sisters
General Hospital

How We Work

We connect screenwriters, showrunners, producers, and other industry creatives researching for their script with an expert related to their inquiry. We help facilitate these one-on-one consultations for free!

A quick question?

We can provide quick answers. We know you work on tight deadlines. Our staff is ready to help. We’ll find facts, case examples, experts and real people who can share their stories.

Experts who’ll answer questions and offer perspective.

Our list of experts who’ll answer questions and offer perspective is far-reaching—it covers academic, government and health care organizations around the world.

Our experts can brief your writers on the hottest health issues.

We can bring information on a wide range of health and climate change topics to your creative teams— right inside the writers rooms.

Finding inspiration on the streets of L.A.

We offer on-the-ground experience to writers, connecting them with local storytellers to learn about health challenges and innovative solutions, from NASA’s JPL to Santa Cruz Island to urban mini-farms in East Los Angeles. Contact us at hhs@usc.edu and tell us where you’d like to go! 

Health issues that fit your characters and storylines.

We can share patient stories, public health investigations and focus group findings from our files.

Entertaining programs on health challenges and storytelling.

Our discussions feature public health experts, first responders, patients, families—as well as writers and producers—exploring topics such as disabilities, addiction, bioterrorism and HIV/AIDS.

Where filmmakers and experts mix it up.

Our screenings present provocative and inspiring films, with Q&As featuring the filmmakers and experts on hand to discuss their work and the latest research.

Jennifer Cecil.

“The thing that always strikes me about the experts you folks bring to the table is not just that they’re knowledgeable, but they’re really enthusiastic and have terrific ideas. These calls always make the scripts so much better.”

Jennifer Cecil
Executive Producer
“Notorious”, ABC