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Must Watch
Abortion on TV

The abortion pill was approved in 2000, yet it's rarely been seen on TV. News coverage wasn’t much better. Watch our video timeline.

Navigating Breast Cancer

Survivors and previvors of breast cancer are faced with difficult choices about how their medical treatments can affect fertility.

Must Watch
Aging Well with Community

A SCAN Foundation series highlights three caregivers and their relationships with the special older adults in their lives.

2021 Sentinel Awards
A Virtual VIP Affair

The event, co-hosted by Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce, honored NBC’s New Amsterdam with an award for Season 3. 

The Hiroshima Cover-Up

Author Lesley Blume and journalist Eric Schlosser discussed her new book "Fallout" and the true story of the Hiroshima bombing.


Must Watch
Covid-19 Vaccines

Our best shot to end the pandemic is with everyone getting vaccinated. To learn more, check out our newest Life Noggin video.

The Black Birth Experience

Black women are more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth than women in any other race group.

What Poverty Looks Like

We brought together five leading creative talents behind TV shows that are shaking up the narrative of what poverty looks like.

Newly Launched
Going Nuclear

A showcase of work done by HH&S and our partners in the N Square network to raise awareness about the nuclear threat.

Black Women & Breast Cancer

Racism, bias and a mistrust of the medical system all affect the outcome for young Black women with breast cancer.

Tip Sheets
Get the Facts. Fast.

Our new Tip Sheets page is an important resource for writers and producers who need the facts on compelling health topics. 

Must Watch
Mandy Moore on Older Adults

The co-star of NBC's This Is Us explains how her show is changing the way older adults are depicted on TV. #RethinkAging

How to Be a Protector

Our PSA shows you how to put on the superhero cape and “Be a Protector” for loved ones at high risk during the pandemic.

Addiction & Recovery
Breaking the Stigma

HH&S brought together experts to discuss how Hollywood can help change the narrative around addiction and mental health. 

Maternal Health
Racism & Childbirth

Our panel explored why black women are three to four times more likely to die after giving birth than white women.