Do the Write Thing 4: Where Creativity and Community Meet

The Aster

The fourth gathering of Hollywood, Health & Society’s Do the Write Thing mixer event brought together a crowded room of industry guests and hopefuls to hear showrunners Janine Sherman Barrois of the limited Apple TV+ series The Big Cigar and Marqui Jackson of The CW shows All American and  All…

Panelists at Do the Write Thing mixer event in Hollywood

One Last trip: Psychedelics and Dreams at End of Life


An online lunchtime discussion that delved into the use of psychedelics and dreams to ease the end-of-life experience. The ritual use of psychedelics to heal and ease suffering is an ancient practice, and today it’s a re-emerging field of study, this time for their effectiveness in hospice and palliative…

Graphic for webinar event on psychedelics and end of life care

2023 Sentinel Awards

Writers Guild Theater

Norman Lear, the legendary Emmy Award-winning television producer whose regular attendance at the Sentinel Awards had been an inspiring presence at the annual red-carpet event, took center stage in spirit this year during a celebrity-filled show hosted by comedian and writer Larry Wilmore at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly…

Actress Kathryn Hahn, center, and the creative team of Hulu's "Tiny Beautiful Things" pose on the red carpet at the 2023 Sentinel Awards.

Do the Write Thing 3: Where Community and Creativity Meet

The room at the Aster hotel buzzed with entertainment creatives celebrating the end of the WGA strike after five challenging months. Some of the guests were already writers who were reuniting with colleagues, while others were there to simply mix and mingle and perhaps move toward getting their first job.

Do the Write Thing Mixer 2: Where Community and Creativity Meet

The Aster

During a loose and lively conversation held at the Aster in Hollywood, veteran producers and writers Zoanne Clack and Gloria Calderón Kellett regaled a room full of guests with their stories about how they broke into the entertainment industry, sometimes with the help of others who served as their mentors.

Statecraft Stories: A Storytelling Workshop

What happens when you bring Hollywood to a Washington, D.C. think tank? The Statecraft Stories workshop, held virtually in July, invited Quincy Institute researchers, policy analysts, CNN contributors, journalists, authors, veterans, and a former CIA staffer to put aside their jobs promoting diplomacy to participate in interactive sessions designed to provide powerful storytelling tools in communicating important messages.

Plastic Pollution Toxic Tour

It’s no secret that plastic is bad for the environment, but the inextricable relationship between plastic and fossil fuels is often overlooked: 99% of the world’s plastic is made from refined fossil fuels, and plastic harms the planet at every stage of its eternal life cycle, beginning with air pollution and carbon emissions from the oil refineries that create plastic and ending with waste polluting the oceans and littering the Earth. 

Do the Write Thing Mixer: Where Community and Creativity Meet

USC Annenberg's Hollywood, Health & Society made a splash with their recent mixer kickoff event titled Do the Write Thing, where creatives and community came together to celebrate voices that don’t get heard enough in Hollywood, specifically people of color and Indigenous groups.

Five Things You Need to Know About Death and Dying

When it comes to American TV entertainment, death is overwhelmingly delivered in breathtaking fashion—shootings, stabbings, suffocation (includes drowning), suicide, beatings, poisonings and explosions. Even the supernatural gets listed among the most common causes of dying onscreen.

Special Screening of Extrapolations

USC School of Cinematic Arts

USC’s School of Cinematic Arts presented a special screening of Extrapolations, the Apple TV+ series about climate change, that was followed by a Q&A with show creator Scott Z. Burns and executive producer and writer Dorothy Fortenberry.