Disease Detectives: Protecting America’s Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s renowned medical and health experts are at the forefront of our country’s most pressing public health threats. Their job is to protect the nation’s health and safety. Hear from the experts who have investigated SARS, 9-11, anthrax, HIV/AIDS, cholera, lead poisoning, toxic shock syndrome and suicide. Learn about the CDC’s elite training program—the Epidemic Intelligence Service. We will explore the present dangers our public health system faces with emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance and bioterrorism and the challenges of being on the front lines at the CDC and state and county health departments.

Sandra Berrios-Torres, MD, former fellow, CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Mitchell Cohen, MD, director, CDC Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases
Douglas Frye, MD, deputy director, HIV Epidemiology Program, Los Angeles County
Lauren Lewis, MD, medical epidemiologist, CDC Environmental Health
Laurene Mascola, MD, MPH, FAAP, chief, Acute Communicable Disease Control Unit, Los Angeles County
• Moderator: Neal Baer, MD, executive producer, Law & Order: SVU

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