Fallout: The Hiroshima Cover-Up and the Reporter Who Revealed It to the World

In 1946, The New Yorker magazine devoted its entire August 31 issue to John Hersey’s 31,000-word essay on the effects of the atomic blast on the people of Hiroshima one year earlier.

The Black Birth Experience: Challenges, Joys and Justice

Our May 6 panel "The Black Birth Experience: Challenges, Joys and Justice" brought experts and TV writers together over the topic of why Black women are more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth than women in any other race group. 

Money Matters: Changing the Story of Poverty, Prosperity & Opportunity

Hollywood, Health & Society brought together five leading creative talents behind current TV series that are changing up the narrative of what poverty looks like. In much of their storytelling, marginalized communities and people who are poor struggle for a fair shake and the elusive American Dream.

Young Black Women: Racism, Bias and Breast Cancer

Hollywood, Health & Society brought together health experts and writers/producers for a webinar that explored how racism, bias and a mistrust of the medical system all affect the outcome for young Black women with breast cancer, and the ways TV storylines can raise awareness about health disparities.

Atomic Storytelling From the People Who Know

Experts from the world of nuclear threats and international security shared their amusing, poignant and personal accounts from key moments in their professional lives during a virtual storytelling event, “The Countdown: Atomic Storytelling From the People Who Know.”

Abortion On Screen: TV and Telemedicine

Recently the Supreme Court ruled to reinstate an FDA policy that required people to go to a clinic in person to obtain medication abortion care. Yet research shows that medication abortion care can be provided via telemedicine just as safely and effectively as in-person care. 

How TV Can Save Lives During Covid-19

Hollywood, Health & Society, in partnership with the WGAE and WGAW, presented a webinar panel on messaging guidelines for Covid-19 protective behaviors that are built on research by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

2020 Sentinel Awards

There were no red carpets, banners, media lights or tables festooned with flowers, candles and dinnerware, but the 2020 Sentinel Awards, celebrating their 20th anniversary, did have plenty of one important thing: Heart.

Atomic Storytelling Workshop 2.0

Back by popular demand, Hollywood, Health & Society organized a storytelling workshop for nuclear and security experts for the second consecutive year, this time a virtual four-day event held in mid-September that included 25 members of the atomic community Zooming in from locations such as the U.K., Vienna and Washington D.C.

OK Boomer: Ageism in the Entertainment Industry

Storytellers and experts explored ageism and the fight for visibility (and finding work) in the entertainment industry during an online discussion presented by Hollywood, Health & Society, in partnership with the WGAE and WGAW.