What is Really Killing You? (And Can You Prevent It?)

Every week the latest study tells you about a new threat to your health and a new way to prevent it from killing you. It can be confusing when the studies switch back and forth. Once meat was bad, but now it’s good; carbs were out, but now they’re in. Can you really prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes through diet and exercise? To what degree do any diets—or stop-smoking programs—truly add years to your life? What about fast foods? Are they paving the way toward obesity and early onset of heart disease and diabetes for our kids? What’s wrong with a little pleasure? 

Opening Remarks by Judith Light, stage and screen actress

Diana Bonta, RN, DrPH, immediate past director, California Department of Health Services
Kelly Brownell, PhD, director, Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders; Author, Food Fight
Lorelei DiSogra, EdD, RD, director, National 5 A Day Program, National Cancer Institute
Susan Finn, PhD, RD, chair, American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
Francine Kaufman, MD, professor of pediatrics, USC Keck School of Medicine
Antronette Yancey, MD, MPH, associate professor, UCLA School of Public Health
• Moderator: Neal Baer, MD, executive producer, Law & Order: SVU

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This event was co-sponsored by the Writers Guild of America, West; the Lear Center’s Hollywood, Health & Society program, and Children Now.

7 p.m., April 15, 2004 | Writers Guild Theater