Actress Alyssa Milano breaks down the unknown history of abortion in the U.S.

The Spring 2022 newsletter spotlights posts about our Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest; actress Alyssa Milano breaking down the unknown history of abortion in the U.S.; poor reviews for the business side of Hollywood when it comes to diversity; the return of the ATX Festival; and how robots could fill a critical care gap in long-term care facilities, ravaged by the pandemic. Read more

There’s been rapid advances in lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), which use AI to identify, select and kill targets without human control—nations including the U.S. are spending billions in research and testing.

Winter 2022 featured our webinar on healthcare workers in pandemic crisis, a series of PSAs we made to encourage vaccinations in Black and Latino communities, a study on plastic pollution in scripted TV shows, the rapid advances in lethal autonomous weapons, and how ageism could compromise artificial intelligence when it comes to the care of older adults. Read more

Two of the 12 honorees for the Sentinel Awards were recognized for the topic of mental health. An episode of Disney Junior's "Muppet Babies" titled “Rowlf Gets the Blues” highlighted the issue of children's emotional well-being.

Our Fall 2021 newsletter highlighted mental health, beginning with two of the honorees for the Sentinel Awards. There's also Goober the Clown on "clown abortions"; transforming caregiving for older adults; two sisters on different paths when faced with breast cancer risk; and a future with slaughterbots. Read more

“The Black Birth Experience” brought experts and TV writers together to discuss why Black women are more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth than women in any other race group. Photo: iStock

Our Summer 2021 newsletter featured “The Black Birth Experience: Challenges, Joys and Justice”; the latest video we made with Life Noggin studios on our best shot to end the pandemic; our upcoming panel on how the true story surrounding the atomic bombing of Hiroshima was uncovered; and a look at our expanded research web pages. Read more

Health experts and writers/producers discussed how racism, bias and unequal medical care all affect the outcome for young Black women with breast cancer.

The Spring 2021 edition of the newsletter featured two panel discussions presented by HH&S—how young Black women often face racism and bias when dealing with breast cancer, and the brave new TV landscape on depictions of poverty in America. Also spotlighted were vaccine myths and the impact of HH&S vaping research. Read more

Our "Countdown" event drew experts from the world of nuclear threats and security sharing amusing, poignant and personal stories from moments in their professional lives.

The edition highlights include "The Countdown," our storytelling event from the world of nuclear threats; how TV and telemedicine can make a difference in abortion care; being a protector can help save lives during COVID-19; and the pandemic's mental health impact. Read more

"This Is Us" co-star Mandy Moore presents 2020 Sentinel Award to show's writers for a three-episode storyline about Alzheimer's disease.

Our fall newsletter featured democracy in a lead role; the 2020 Sentinel Awards gone virtual; Mandy Moore of NBC’s “This Is Us” talking about her character’s “terrifying journey” dealing with Alzheimer’s; how Black women had Georgia on their minds; and Serena Williams investing in moms and babies. Read more