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Nigeria: Nollywood Workshops

With guidance from HH&S, Nollywood Workshops (NW) consulted with dozens of TV and filmmakers on a wide variety of health topics some of which have resulted in aired storylines on popular Nigerian TV. HH&S and NW also co-produced a Nollywood feature film, Code of Silence, which addressed sexual assault. HH&S connected the Nollywood screenwriters with established Hollywood writers to collaborate on the final script.


Want to know what leading experts from the CDC and other public health organizations have to say about cancer, reproductive health, drug abuse, sexual assault and other important topics, or visit with a distinguished panel as they talk about one of the most critical issues of our day—nuclear proliferation? You can also hear from local storytellers, and get behind-the-scenes looks from entertainment industry writers and producers on their creative process. Below are just a sample of the videos we've done.