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HH&S Newsletter (Summer 2023)

The summer newsletter spotlights "Barbie," a film in which differences are settled without gun violence; our own Trigger Warning report offers gun guidelines for the media; the second in a series of mixers "Do the Right Thing" promoting BIPOC voices in the creative community; and a “Toxic Tour” that explores first-hand the link between fossil fuels and plastic pollution.

Do the Write Thing Mixer: Where Community and Creativity Meet

USC Annenberg's Hollywood, Health & Society made a splash with their recent mixer kickoff event titled Do the Write Thing, where creatives and community came together to celebrate voices that don’t get heard enough in Hollywood, specifically people of color and Indigenous groups.

The gathering, held May 10 at the Aster hotel and social club in Hollywood, featured conversation, catching up among friends, and some good old-fashioned networking among the guests.

Featured speakers during an informal panel were:

Highlights: Hollywood and Dine

We know from research that stories can have a significant impact on what people know, feel and do. For better and worse, food’s pervasive depictions in entertainment like movies, television and music can be models for behavior and beliefs. How do these images of food affect us? What if storytellers chose to use their power to inspire audiences to make healthy food choices?