Want to know what leading experts from the CDC and other public health organizations have to say about cancer, reproductive health, drug abuse, sexual assault and other important topics, or visit with a distinguished panel as they talk about one of the most critical issues of our day—nuclear proliferation? You can also hear from local storytellers, and get behind-the-scenes looks from entertainment industry writers and producers on their creative process. Below are just a sample of the videos we've done.

Check out any of the more then 200 full-length and edited versions from our panels, On Location tours, Sentinel Awards, conferences and some original content that we helped produce on our YouTube playlist: Hollywood, Health & Society @ The Norman Lear Center. More videos are available on our Facebook page.


'We're Still in the Game'


The Sentinel: Champion of TV Storytellers


Medication Abortion on TV and in the News


Aging Well with Community: Sandy and Ernie


Aging Well with Community: Seung and Grace


Aging Well with Community: Angela and Sarah


VaccinateLA PSA (Version 1)


VaccinateLA PSA (Version 2)


How to Be a Protector PSA


'Beyond Bars' Panel Highlights


Setting the Record Straight on TV Storylines


Nuclear Arms Expert Jeffrey Lewis on Media's Coverage of North Korea


Highlights From 'Pregnant Pause' Panel


Pain's Addiction: America's Opioid Story


Highlights From 'In the Gloaming' Anniversary Event and HIV Panel


Atomic Football: Highlights From the Event


William J. Perry and Eric Schlosser Talk About the Nuclear Threat


Ploughshares Fund's Paul Carroll Warns of Risks Involving North Korea 


Expert Eric Chien on Why Cybersecurity Matters


Highlights From the 2016 Sentinel Awards


To Norman, With Love (2016 Sentinel Awards)


Highlights From Telling Life Stories Panel