Seventh Annual Sentinel for Health Awards (2006)

The CBS primetime drama Numb3rs received first place in the primetime drama category for “Harvest,” a storyline about the critical issue of organ supply for transplantation; ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy took home second and third place honors in the same category for storylines about organ transplantation, and the decisions patients face with genetic testing for cancer risk. The CBS soap opera As the World Turns took first place in daytime drama for a storyline about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in a major character. The NBC drama ER took first place for primetime minor storyline with “BRCA  Breast Cancer Risks,” and ABC’s George Lopez took first place in primetime comedy for a storyline about preventing kidney disease, “The Kidney Stays in the Picture.” Telemundo took home its second Sentinel Award, in the Spanish-language telenovela category, for “Don Pedro’s Diabetes.” The storyline from Amarte As? illustrated a major character’s struggle to manage his diet, weight and medication to control his diabetes.

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