Rethink Aging

From left: Mike Royce, Kate Folb, Sarah Thompson, Mimi Kennedy and Brent Miller at the annual ATX festival.

Older adults are consistently the highest consumers of entertainment TV. According to a recent report from Nielsen Audience Research, viewing averages more than 50 hours per week among those aged 65 or older, compared to 31 hours across adults of all ages. [1] At the same time, older adults rarely see themselves depicted on screen in a substantial way. Data from the 2016 HH&S TV Monitoring Project indicate just 27% of all episodes included a character aged 65 or older in a speaking role, and only 8% had two or more speaking roles for older adults.

People are living longer than ever before. According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, the older adult population will continue to grow significantly in the coming years as a result of the aging “baby boom” generation. Along with our partner organizations including The SCAN Foundation, HH&S is helping to tell the story of the changing face of American society.

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[1] Nielsen Audience Research Total Audience Report: Q4 2015


Producer/Director John Hoffman on 'Grace and Frankie'

Aisha Adkins and mother Rose

We joined with the SCAN Foundation on New Year’s Day in their campaign to honor family caregivers, who represent all backgrounds and ages. The foundation’s Rose Parade float celebrated these everyday heroes who are an important part in the lives of family and loved ones. [Read more]

ATX TV Festival panel

The ATX Television Festival was the setting for a panel titled "Better With Age: Growing Older on TV," with actor Mimi Kennedy from CBS' Mom among the speakers. A USC Annenberg study found a lack of older characters in speaking roles on TV, but lately there’s been more than just a touch of gray. [Read more]

Producer/writer John Hoffman

Netflix's Grace and Frankie was among the shows honored at the 2019 Sentinel Awards. Producer/director John Hoffman and actor Millicent Martin were on hand to accept the award for the show's storyline about the everyday challenges faced by older adults. [Read more]

person-centered care illustration

What is person-centered care? It's a team-based approach where a person’s values and preferences guide all aspects of their health care, supporting their realistic health and life goals. It puts older adults at the center of the decision-making process. [Read more]

tipsheets thumbnail

We work with our partner organizations to create resources for writers and producers on a wide variety of compelling health topics, including information on aging with dignity, person-centered care and the impact that older adults will have on communities. [Read more]

rethink aging

Baby Boomers are now well into their 60s, and older adults are better educated, live healthier and active lives, and have a longer life expectancy. So isn't it time we tossed aside outdated ideas about getting older in America? [Watch video]